Argo float

Argo float is an underwater autonomous instrument with temperature and salinity measurements (T & S) in the deep ocean.

Argo float is programmed in advance and is deployed from research vessels or ships of opportunity. Since then, It realizes cycles of 10 days during a lot of years, since the battery is exhausted. Every cycle contains a descent of a few hours towards a dumping of 1000m, where the float derives during about 9 days, measuring temperature and salinity throughout the deep global oceans, down to 2,000 metres. Then, it starts a “profile ascent” by sampling T & S every meter up to the surface. As soon as the float arrives in surface, it sends the datas to the satellite and begins the following cycle.

Flotteur Argo avec capteur oxygène

Provor float with oxygen sensor

Schema Argo float cycle