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End of project

Published on 4 october 2021

The NAOS project has been closed end of 2020, resulting in two final publications, follow up activities are now carried out as part of PIA-3 project Argo-2030.

NAOS final meeting

Published on 2 june 2020

The NAOS final meeting has been held on 17 September 2020 by visioconferencing.

The NAOS final brochure

Published on 2 october 2020

The NAOS final brochure presenting the project and its results has just been published.

Actualité NAOS sur site web Odatis

Published on 5 october 2021

Article paru le 30 septembre 2021 sur le site web d'Odatis

Ifremer press release- New autonomous robots to better observe the ocean

Published on 23 november 2020

Published on 21st September 2020 in Ifremer website