The Steering Committee is co-chaired by the Coordinator and UPMC. It is composed of the two co-chairs and five Workpackages leaders.
It meets four times a year (regular meetings or teleconferences) and can make all decisions necessary for the success of the project. It prepares reports to the Governing Board, which validates its recommendations or conclusions.
It is in charge of the operational monitoring of the project, and in particular:
- define and update the work plan,
- organise equipment's acquisition (preparation of specifications, examination and selection of proposals, as well as associated validation and scientific exploitation phases);
- submit interim progress reports and a final project report  in accordance with the provisions of the Grant Agreement,
- validate the project deliverables,
- establish the project budget as well as adjustments to the allocation of funding between the equipment, if necessary and accepted by the French Research National Agency.

Pierre-Yves Le Traon

Coordinator and WP0 leader - IFREMER

Fabrizio D'Ortenzio

Co-coordinator and WP3 leader - UPMC

Sylvie Pouliquen

WP1 leader - IFREMER

Serge Le Reste

WP2 leader - IFREMER

Marcel Babin

WP4 leader - CNRS

Virginie Thierry

WP5 leader - IFREMER

The Governing Board meets at least once a year at the initiative of the Coordinator and at any time at the request of one of its members.
Meetings can also be held by teleconference, videoconference ...
Its role is to:
- take all measures, in addition to the contractual provisions already laid down, necessary for the implementation of the project,
- ensure, in particular, the conformity of the work with the objectives pursued and the project as defined by the Parties,
- ensure that the project has the human resources necessary for its implementation and implement the necessary corrective measures where necessary,
- decide the decisions submitted for approval by the Scientific Steering Committee, which will then be forwarded for validation to the decision-making bodies of each of the Parties as regards the provisional plan for the acquisition of equipment,
- define the policy for the dissemination of results,
- monitor the proper conduct of research and publication or communication projects, in accordance with Article 9.2; It may nevertheless block a publication without legitimate reasons (see Article 9.2.),
- ensure the implementation of the project and decide on any changes to the financial estimate and / or schedule if necessary,
- rule on the exclusion of a defaulting Party in accordance with the provisions of Article 12.2 of the Consortium Agreement,
- give an opinion in the event of a technical dispute.

Patrick Vincent

Chairman of the Governing Board- IFREMER

Chrystèle Sanloup


Bruno Blanke


Laurent Louvart


Yann Bernard


Jean-Claude Le Bleis


Anne-Marie Tréguier


The project team coordinated by the Steering Committee involves a dozen people from the various partner organisations:
Xavier André (Research Engineer), Guillaume Maze (Scientist), Virginie Le Saout (Project Office Assistant).
Édouard Leymarie (Research Engineer), Hervé Claustre (Scientist), Antoine Poteau (Research Engineer), Vincent Taillandier (Scientist).
Claudie Marec (Research Engineer), Herlé Mercier (Scientist).
Marc Le Menn (Scientist).
Michel Guigue (Engineer).
Patrice Brault (Engineer).